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In our workshops, you will jumpstart your curiosity as a writer and get to know your characters on a deeper level.

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Meet Your Workshop Instructor


LORIEN MCKENNA is an Emmy-nominated writer and producer. Most recently she was the showrunner for TAB TIME, which was nominated for Outstanding Preschool Show by the Family and Children’s Emmys. She wrote the feature HOW TO SET A FIRE AND WHY, based on the book of the same name by Jesse Ball. Drew Kirsch is attached to direct, Maia Glikman is producing, and Raffey Cassidy is attached to star.


Previously, Lorien along with Meg LeFauve, sold their romantic comedy anthology, THIS THING CALLED LOVE, to Hulu with Dan Lin producing; as well as a half hour sitcom, POOG, to NBC and WBTV. She is a former Story Manager for Pixar Animation Studios where she worked on animated classics like UP, BRAVE, INSIDE OUT, and THE GOOD DINOSAUR. She served as the Co-Executive Producer on Hulu's CURIOUS GEORGE series and was Associate Producer on Paramount Animation’s WONDER PARK. She also co-hosts The Screenwriting Life podcast with Meg LeFauve.


She received an MFA in Playwriting and a BA in English Literature/Performing Arts from St. Mary’s College of California where she also taught Playwriting, Shakespeare, and Drama classes. She works with Screen Australia, Screen Queensland, and Screen Ireland as a Script Editor and is a mentor for Cinestory and Nostos Screenwriting Retreats. She lives in Glendale, Ca with her husband and daughter. 


Finding Your Character

Date: Saturday, January 14, 2023
Time: 10:00am - 1.00pm PST
Location: Via Zoom
Price: $179.00 USD
($189.00 USD for attendees outside of the U.S. due to International PayPal Processing Fees)

About this workshop:

Are you frustrated that you can’t seem to pin down your character? Has anyone given you feedback that your character is “two dimensional” (sigh) or that they aren’t “likable” (ew).

In this writing workshop, Lorien will guide you through a series of writing exercises she uses to get her characters to show up.


This workshop is about discovering what makes your character unique, compelling, special, complicated: how they talk and walk, how they see the world, what makes them shut down, what gives them a sense of purpose, and most importantly - what do they want?!


Date: Sunday, February 26, 2023
Time: 10:00am - 1.00pm PST
Location: Via Zoom
Price: $179.00 USD

($189.00 USD for attendees outside of the U.S. due to International PayPal Processing Fees)

About this workshop:

“I’m gonna make him an offer he can’t refuse.” The Godfather
“Toto, I’ve got a feeling we’re not in Kansas anymore.” The Wizard of Oz
“There’s no crying in baseball.” A League of Their Own

How a character speaks is a reflection and expression of who they think they are, what they want, and what they will do to get it. Good dialogue can inspire hope or fear, can create chaos or incite passion. Dialogue is about conflict - both internal and external.

It might seem like writing dialogue comes easily to some writers, and not so much to others, but like all writing craft, it takes practice.

In this workshop, Lorien will guide you through a series of exercises to help you connect with your character’s point of view, wants, needs, secrets, fears — we will dig it all up! Investigating their backgrounds will help you flesh out the rhythms they use, if they uptalk, references they favor, do they say ’sneakers’ or 'tennis shoes'? How do they order at the drive thru? Are they kind to wait staff? Do they expect people to do what they want? How do they switch tactics? How do they avoid, convince, seduce, escape, ask for forgiveness, etc? It’s all about conflict and you will get into it! 



"One of my favorite workshops I've ever taken. Lorien's knowledge of creating characters (organically) is second to none. Her process and practices are also super thoughtful and empowering - you feel like you're working with yourself instead of against yourself.” 

- Laura, Character workshop  

I am so grateful for Lorien's character workshop!  Her expertise, honesty, humor, and encouragement have really inspired me!  Her character exercises helped me figure out a B character's arc that has also contributed greatly to the theme and plot!  Can't wait for more workshops and to laugh while I'm learning.

- Jaclyn, Character workshop  

I took Lorien's character workshop last Saturday and boy, was it worth it. Lorien has an intuitive and personal take to dive into the world of her characters and their wants, and the price to pay for all these knowledge bombs is breathtakingly low. 

- Alex, Character workshop  

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