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Inkspot Character Workshops feature discovery-focused guided writing exercises that help you get to know your characters, and yourself, on a deeper level.

These workshops are designed to help you discover the truth in your story, your writing, and in your journey as an artist.


In these workshops, I take you through exercises I’ve developed to help you get to know your characters (and yourself) on a deeper level through discovery writing.

All you have to do is show up for your characters and yourself with curiosity and be ready to write!

*If you are interested in private coaching or script consults please email Lorien at

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Meet Your Workshop Instructor


Lorien McKenna is an Emmy-nominated and NAACP Image Award-winning writer and showrunner.  A former story manager at Pixar Animation Studios, she worked on RATATOUILLE, UP, BRAVE, INSIDE OUT, and THE GOOD DINOSAUR.  Lorien is a mentor for the Cinestory TV retreat and Nostos Screenwriting Retreat. She received an MFA in Playwriting and a BA in English Literature/Performing Arts from St. Mary’s College of California.
Along with Award-winning screenwriter Meg LeFauve, she co-hosts The Screenwriting Life podcast.

Lorien's favorite writing snacks are chips and black licorice. 

Your Workshop Instructor
Upcoming Workshops

Character & Want
Dates Available: 
Date: Sunday, June
11, 2023
Time: 10:00am - 1.00pm PST
Location: Via Zoom

Price: $199.00 USD

About this workshop:

What does your character want?

It's frustrating how something so fundamental can be so hard to figure out! 


In this workshop, I will guide you through writing exercises that will help you discover your characters and get to know them on a deep level. You'll connect to their history, their secrets, and what they are proud of, ashamed of, and hiding. You'll discover what motivates them or shuts down them. And most importantly, you will find out what they want!


Be prepared to go on a journey! In order to find out what your character wants, you might also need to find out what you want.

Character & Dialogue
Dates Available: 
Date: Sunday, June 25, 2023
Time: 10:00am - 1.00pm PST
Location: Via ZoomPrice: $199.00 USD

About this workshop:

In this workshop, through guided exercises and scene work, you will explore your character's unique point of view and how that translates into choices: both conscious and unconscious -- specifically through dialogue.


How a character speaks is a reflection and expression of who they think they are, what they want, what they are hiding, and what they cannot keep hidden. Good dialogue can inspire hope or fear, can create chaos, or incite passion. Great dialogue can hold theme, push a story forward, and reveal deep truths about your character.


But be ready! Connecting to your character's deeper truths and voice can mean connecting to your own as well.








One of my favorite workshops I've ever taken. Lorien's knowledge of creating characters (organically) is second to none. Her process and practices are also super thoughtful and empowering - you feel like you're working with yourself instead of against yourself.   - Laura, Character workshop  

I am so grateful for Lorien's character workshop!  Her expertise, honesty, humor, and encouragement have really inspired me!  Her character exercises helped me figure out a B character's arc that has also contributed greatly to the theme and plot!  Can't wait for more workshops and to laugh while I'm learning. - Jaclyn, Character workshop  

I took Lorien's character workshop last Saturday and boy, was it worth it. Lorien has an intuitive and personal take to dive into the world of her characters and their wants, and the price to pay for all these knowledge bombs is breathtakingly low. - Alex, Character workshop   

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